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Showcased at Scavolini Toronto

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Rekindle at ScavoliniRekindle at ScavoliniRekindle at Scavolini

Earlier this year, pre COVID, we were invited to join the annual celebration at the Scavolini Showroom in Toronto. They had a huge event planned, inviting the many creators from the Toronto Makes publication. We were invited to showcase our latest goods, talk about our brands, and mingle with the vibrant design community of Toronto. 

When COVID hit everything was dialed back, but the amazing team at Scavolini Toronto persevered and created something to be proud of. They put in a lot of hard work to bring so much talent under one roof. The outcome is an amazing exhibit of seven designers from Toronto. Although we are not based in Toronto anymore we were still invited to display our goods in the showroom. We unfortunately weren't able to be present for a glorious party, but we are so grateful for such a great opportunity.

Toronto magazine, Design Lines, has written a story about the exhibit and you can read it here. The image is also from this story, since we weren't there to see this installation in person.

If you're in the Toronto area, please check out the amazing display the Scavolini team has curated, you won't be disappointed. 


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Collaboration with another Local Creative Team

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White oak wood frame

We have joined forces with the amazing team from Level. They focus on creating handcrafted furniture and millwork in Chatham Ontario. We have always been a fan of their work and have always wanted to collaborate with them. We have started our collaboration with including their fantastic wood frames within our offerings. 

We believe so deeply in creating, supporting, and cherishing memories. What better addition to our offerings than a frame? These frames are build to the same level of quality as everything else we create. Made in small batches by local crafts people. Made from domestic species of woods - white oak and walnut with a thick glass face. These frames help keep memories alive through displaying your most cherished moments in print. 

We know the most important thing in life in nurturing the relationships with the people closest to you. We want to keep offering more and more items that will keep these moments alive.

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Rekindle and Fabrique 1840

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Collaborations with other like minded people, companies, and organizations is one of our favorite things. When we were given the opportunity to join 

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Rekindle Featured in Food and Drink:

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LCBO Food and Drink magazine

Featured in Food and Drink:

 The excited feeling of when a goal that was set in early days of starting Rekindle comes to fruition.

 I remember sitting down at the beginning of Rekindle in 2014, setting out a laundry list of goals we would achieve. At the top of the list, we would be featured in LCBO’s Food and Drink magazine. I have always admired how they captured the stories of companies, products, and people with gorgeous photography and imagery. So I naivery reached out to the editor, hoping to impress them enough with my first product line. I didn't have much of a portfolio then and nothing came from it. But in the midst of the pandemic this spring, I received a welcomed call with an opportunity to showcase Rekindle alongside a few of my most admired colleagues and creators.  

Achieving your goals, small or large, is such a good feeling and I can’t wait to see what will be checked off next. Get a copy of LCBO’s Food and Drink as soon as you can, as they go fast. Or ask a friend, I bet they have one on their kitchen table.

Thanks so much for including us in your pages and introducing us to all of your community.


Hopson Grace

Stinson Studios


Our story featured on page 144 of the Autumn Issue of Food and Drink

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Magnifissance Magazine Interview

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Magnifissance Magazine

We had the fantastic opportunity this passed summer to be interviewed by the international magazine Magnifissance. The issue resonated with us on an emotional level because what they present, especially in this issue, truly aligns with our values. It meant a great deal to be asked questions that supported the values that we feel are the most important and sharing them with the world though their publication.

Please check out the online article through the link below. Enjoy!

Love life,




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