rekindle your life

Home Decor for a Quality Life

Handmade in Canada


High quality goods that are meant to last

All of our luxurious products are designed and fabricated by a small group of craftspeople in Toronto, Canada. We all share a common belief that the highest standards increase the quality of our lives. 


Made from materials that age gracefully

We love creating goods with meaning, longevity, simplicity, and beauty. Our creations support local communities by using the best local materials that become better with the passage of time. 


Experiences that bring people together

Rekindle is about igniting the meaningful connections between people. We want to bring people together and make memories through shared experiences. Ultimately we hope our goods become heirlooms when passed on to someone special.

Felt + Wood Coasters

All Plate

Longboard Serving Tray

Arenal Match Striker

Offset Tealights

Fifteen Degree Tealights