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My Mission

Through the use of ecologically responsible sourced materials, design principles rooted in lovevity, and our partnership with One Tree Planted, we’re addressing our environmental footprint so that when you buy Rekindle home goods you know you are helping create a healthier world in which nature, wildlife, and humanity can thrive together. 

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The Rekindle community helped plant 23 000 000 trees with One Tree Planted

Warm. Minimal. Handmade.

The collection of trays, wall hooks, and table top accessories, will set the perfect ambiance in your space to help you live with less and put an emphasis on value over trendiness. The warm neutrals, natural textures and earthy tones featured in the pieces I create cultivate a sense calm that will make your interiors radiate warmth while adding unique character to any room.  


Personalized Decor + Home Goods

Personalized etchings make bespoke décor even more unique. I love creating items with meaning, longevity, simplicity, and beauty, and I want you to be able to cherish the home goods you purchase from me. Whether you’re expressing yourself or celebrating someone special, I'd love to help turn your ideas into reality.

Tell us your vision and we’ll help you bring it to life.

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