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One of our main guiding principles is to create “high quality goods that are meant to last” . We design each detail with this as a key component in every decision we make, and our installation process is no different. We have chosen the strongest and most durable installation techniques that will support the use of our heirloom products for years to come. We believe that with our chosen installation techniques, although they may be a bit more involved than a standard ‘adhesive’ or ‘low-weight anchors’, we know that when installed correctly our products will last the test of time.

Anchor Installation video:

Woody Hook Installation Video:

Right Hook Installation Video:

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Step by step written instructions for anchor Installation:

 Tailor Hook Installation instructions



Tailor Hook: 1 Piece

Tailor Assembly Instructions

Tailor Hook: 2 Piece

Tailor Assembly instructions

Tailor Hook: 3 Piece

Tailor Assembly Instructions

Tailor Hook: 5 Piece

Tailor Assembly Instructions