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Do you offer wholesale?

Yes and no. I like to deal directly with the end customer as this provides the best possible customer service. I do offer select items items through Fabrique 1840 . If you are interested in buying wholesale, please reach out.

Who makes everything?

Devin handcrafts every wood item with the Rekindle name in Chatham Ontario Canada.

Why did you choose the ‘Snap Toggle’ as the anchors for your hooks?

The simple reason is, they are the strongest and best anchors available. They may seem intimidating as they look very different than any other anchoring system; they are also a commitment as a ½” hole needs to be drilled into your wall to install them. We believe this is a better option than having a sub-par installation that could easily rip out of the wall. Each Anchor is rated for 265lbs in ½” drywall. Overkill? Maybe, but we want to provide our customers with exceptional quality products and our anchors help support this belief. We like to think of our products as fixtures of a home - similar to a shelf, a kitchen cabinet, or hardwired light fixture.

Do our hooks need an anchor to install them into a wall?

Yes and no. After locating your ideal spot for your hooks we recommend doing a test drill hole with a 7/32” drill bit. This way, if you drill into a stud an anchor isn't needed. You can install your hooks or bolt directly into the wood stud as this hole size (when drilled correctly) is ideal for the thread size for our hooks. If a stud is not in this location, moving forward with the anchor installation is your next option.


When I install my anchor it sits loose in the hole and I can’t screw in my hook, what do I do?

This is a common occurrence when the strap isn’t pulled tight enough or if this is something inhibiting the “metal channel” to sit flush on the inside of the wall. The solution is to start threading the hook into the anchor. When the hook engages with the anchor pull the hook toward yourself while screwing in the hook. This is engaging the “metal channel” on the inside of the wall so you can tighten the hook flush. It may seem like you have to pull very hard, but pull hard enough to stop the anchor from rotating in the wall.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is Now complimentary in Canada and the US. If you are outside of Canada and US there will be shipping charges. They will be calculated at checkout.


Can I take the anchor out of the wall?

The anchors are designed to hold onto the wall tightly and not move. They cannot be removed from the wall and still be used again. The hooks can be taken out and installed somewhere else, but a new anchor will have to be used.


What happens if I lose the anchor behind the wall?

Your time together is now over. If the anchor falls behind the wall, a new anchor will have to take its place.


I accidentally ‘zipped’ the flange along the strap, can I still use this anchor?

The anchors are designed to be tight and cannot be slid back once slid forward without damaging the anchor. A new anchor will be required for installation.


How many anchors are included with a hook?

All hooks now come with an extra anchor as a practice anchor to make your experience even easier.


Why is my wood plate a little fuzzy feeling?

This is all a part of the wood seasoning process. Keep using it and it will go away soon.


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