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Personalize Your Handcrafted Goods

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Personalize Your Handcrafted Goods

Laser Etching and Cutting Service

We would love to etch a personal message, name, or date into one of our handcrafted Rekindle pieces or one of your own products from another creator. We offer professional, custom, and quality laser cutting services. Perfect for small-medium sized projects. Engraving and etching for wood, paper, cardboard, ceramic, leather and natural fibers. In-stock materials and sourcing available.

We have produced a large variety of branding options for many clients. We have etched many individual logos, medium quantity runs of custom designed packaging, and many things in between.


Laser etching and cutting services are quoted on an individual basis as each project needs unique considerations. Quotes are based on three factors: file creation/editing, machine set up, and cutting time. 

We would love to work with you on your project. Check out some of the projects we have created below.

Please reach out to us at any stage of your project. We can provide further assistance to help make your project a reality.

Branding Service

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