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Our story

Our story

Home is where we enjoy the most cherished moments with the people we love. Rekindle supports these meaningful experiences through refined design. Everything we do is grounded in our three design principles.


Handcrafted goods that are designed to last

Materials that age gracefully

Supporting experiences that bring people together


Rekindle's principles stem from the original idea to counter a throw away society. We know we will always need items to support our daily activities and we want to create goods that we can be proud of owning and that do very minimal harm to our natural environment. 

We look at our items as investments in our life and the environment. Our items are more than only "consumables", they are a commitment to the belief that we want to make our world a better place.

We love creating goods with meaning, longevity, simplicity, and beauty. Our creations support local communities by using the best local materials that become better with the passage of time.

All of our products are designed and fabricated by a small group of craftspeople and we all share a common belief that the highest standards increase the quality of our lives.

Rekindle is about igniting the meaningful connections between people. We want to bring people together and make memories through shared experiences. Ultimately we hope our goods become heirlooms when passing them on to someone special. This gesture increases the personal value of an item as it becomes a memory of you. When an item become meaningful we tend to care for it, not throw it away, and replace it with something new.

We believe that emotionally connecting to items will encourage us to live with fewer, but better things. Ultimately keeping more meaningful items in our lives and out of landfills.

Please read our MISSION to learn more about what we commit to.