Why Support Rekindle?

Plant Trees

Why Support Rekindle?

We value and cherish our natural world and our future on this beautiful planet. We know we can enjoy beautiful design AND support nature. It doesn't have to be an either or. Supporting Rekindle allows us to create beautiful objects, support memorable experiences, while caring for the only planet we ALL call home.

When using beautiful objects that support the experiences with the people who are important to you, an emotional bond starts to grow; and when you love what you own you will care for it and not throw it away and replace it with something new. To ensure longevity with these objects, they need a simple design aesthetic. Many trends come and go, but with fewer design details an object will continue to look beautiful as trends and fads continually evolve.

  • Our environmental commitment starts with providing the highest quality products possible - products that you will want to have in your life for as long as you and your loved ones live on this earth.
  • Our commitment to everyone is to have an ongoing improvement strategy that includes using our current knowledge of how to make the world a better place while continually learning, growing our knowledge, and adapting to up-to-date information ensuring we are doing everything we can so our world can be enjoyed for many future generations.
  • During the design phase, all products created have disassembly in mind. Each product can be easily taken apart to allow for repairs and recycling when its current needs aren't being met.
  • We only use natural materials that improve with age as they develop their own unique and authentic patina. These materials can be either recycled in current municipal recycling programs or are easily and safely biodegradable if there is no life left in them. All of our finishes also align with this commitment as they are food safe and do not require special respiratory equipment when being applied by our craftspeople.
  • We are always looking to work with suppliers who adopt an ‘ecologically abundant’ approach to our precious natural resources and more innovative approaches to manufacturing and resource extraction. We believe that we can minimize harm in extracting resources from our earth as long as we give the earth ample time to rejuvenate and do it in a way that empathizes with all living species on this earth we share. 

We will continue to support the quality experiences you share with the people you love, ultimately increasing your quality of life.

One Tree Planted

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, along with our customers we are supporting reforestation efforts all around the world.

Plant a treeplant a treeplant a treeplant a tree

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Vermont, U.S. Reforestation focus areas include wildfire restoration, biodiversity and habitat expansion, agroforestry, food security and social impact, and watershed maintenance among others.

One Tree Planted works with a network of on-the-ground partners around the world to ensure that the most sensible mix of tree species are planted at the right time and in the best ways for optimal survival.

Know that every time you buy Rekindle goods, you are helping create a healthier world in which nature, wildlife and humanity can thrive.