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Specialty Coffee Bar

specialty coffee in Chatham Ontario

Specialty Coffee Bar

Rekindle Coffee is about creating drinks the way we design and make products. We use the best materials, equipment, and ingredients and each beverage is made by passionate individuals who love what they do.

We are embarking on a new adventure, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Rekindle has always been based on providing the best quality items, from the best quality ingredients while supporting the experiences that bring people together.

A passion of mine for many years has been finding and creating the best cup of coffee for myself and the people closest to me. Over the many cups of coffee I have enjoyed with these fantastic people the discussions of where to get the best cup of coffee has always been a main topic of conversation. We talked about what great coffee means, what it tastes like, and what the experience can be. These many discussions have inspired me to bring what I feel a great cup of coffee can be and introduce this to the wonderful people of Chatham-Kent. 

We are testing a concept of our approach to coffee with the hopes of becoming your daily source of well crafted coffee. We want to introduce our specific methods that will elevate your experience around the world most popular and complex beverage.

We have been welcomed into Chatham's best real-estate office in downtown Chatham, Nest Realty, where we will craft the most delicious drinks. We have invested in top quality equipment, Chatham's best barista, we have partnered with Ontario's best coffee roaster, and will use only the top quality ingredients in everything we make.

A select few Rekindle goods, will also be available.

Please follow us on Instagram @rekindleyourlife and check back here often for updates.



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