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Value and Longevity

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Caring for our world with an environmentally conscious choice:

Rekindle is always striving to provide something sustainable. We live in a world of mass consumption that is destroying a myriad of life. We believe that when you spend your money on something with a high value you will care for it and not treat it as a consumable.

This is something that we know will guide us into a sustainable future because with fewer but better things, we will only bring into our lives the things that we truly love.

Emotional connection is essential as we are all emotional beings.

A sustainable lifestyle is an investment:

Our experience has proven to us that when something is inexpensive we have a different mindset towards it. We truly believe that as a society we need to see products as something different. Products need to be emotionally connected to the individual. We have found from our personal experience that when we spend more money on something we become more invested in it’s care and longevity. The opposite is true when something is purchased based on a low price. We want to support a sustainable future and hope you will join us. 

Invest in us and an abundant lifestyle.

We use natural resources everyday, there is no denying this. We want to make sure that we can provide something that isn’t destined for the landfill and replaced using more resources. Emotionally connecting to something is the best way to provide longevity. When we become emotionally connected to something, we tend to care for it, and not throw it away. Ultimately this becomes an essential part of you and when you’re gone your loved ones will tend to continue it’s legacy. But this can only happen with quality craftsmanship, materials that age gracefully, and good design.

We know that investing in our planet is an investment in an abundant life. We want to be a part of something that makes a difference and this starts with spending money on organizations and products that want to increase the quality of life for all.

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